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Federation Elite Force


"Create, Explore, your minds and embark on an adventure"

About us

The Federation Elite Force originally began back in February 1997 as a multigaming fleet for games like Star Trek Bridge Commander, Star Trek Command, Star Trek Legacy and a various of other Star Trek Related Games. However, our name is actually derives from the game Star Trek Elite Force, one of our favorite games. We used to compete against other fleets but over time, those games became obsolete and outdated and with that so did alot of the gaming clans and also the Star trek gaming community dwindled until the release of Star Trek Online, an mmo that is free to play. Soon later, the Star Trek Community started to revive a little, it wasn't until recently with the the new Tv Series Star Trek Picard, and Star Trek Discovery was premiered that an interest was sparked once more. So with that in mind we are working to relaunch the Federation Elite Force but not as a gaming clan but as a platform where you can be creative and share your creative works. It can be artwork, music, and even stories that you have created but would like other to see that will be displayed in our holodeck section of our site. Now we also provide the option of participating in our role playing by email fleet, and with that you can create act and create stories with other members. Lastly, we will be launching our Gaming Division for Star Trek Online and we will be able to participate and explore the realms of Star Trek Online, and compete in competition with each other, or with other gaming communities. The adventure begins and ends with you. So why not join.

Welcome to the Federation Elite Force!

The Fleet

The Federation Elite Force is a fictional fleet based on Star Trek. Here within this fictional realm you can write and create your own Star Trek Stories, participate in fictional story writing through the realm of role play by email, forums, or even chat. We also provide competitive game play through Star Trek Online and it's universe within.

Communication Array

Below is a few links that will allow you to communicate with the fleet members.