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.:: Featured Sim ::.

There is currently no sims available at this time to feature. However, this is the place where we will display a sim based on the sim's mission, and how well it is doing. What this means if your sim has a really good story and have a strong member partipation. We will honor that sim and we will also post the story that helped it gain reconization.

For the time being we will be using the featured sim section as a recruiting platform to get those sim's jump started.

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.:: Welcome to the Fleet ::.

Welcome to the Federation Elite Force. The Federation Elite Force is a role play by email fleet that creates and writes fictional stories based on Star Trek and to borrow the pun, "to boldy go where no one has gone before", In our case, our members will create stories of there own role play by email and we also allow members to show and display there love of Star trek through story writing, creating artwork of there own, hense our motto,

"Explore, Create, your own adventures!"

With that being said, with the latest series such as , Discovery, Picard, and a few new ones that are getting ready to be released, that changes the typical cannon that we all came to respect an love. in doing so that opens the door for us and gives us, the Federation Elite Force to update, and reboot our site, as well as our fleet's format. We also will be encouraging our members to be creative in artwork, and within stories that we as a whole are about to embark on soon. Lastly, we are going to encourage young and old writers alike, if you have a love of Star Trek and you have a star trek story that you have written yourself, and would like to share them with others, we would like to welcome you. We would like to encourage those who have the fascinated with art, and the love of Star Trek to come an join our fleet as well. We are open to everyone!

We are currently unsure when the site is going to be complete, but if you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to Webadmin@federationeliteforce.com, for your comments and suggestions. We welcome them all.

.:: Join Now ::.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure, that has not been written yet? Are you ready to explore your create and explore world's and civilizations, that haven't even been created yet? If this somewhat intrigues you we welcome you as we at the Federation Elite Force reboot our fleet, and embark on new adventures, planets, and galaxies, that only you create with you mind. The possibilities are endless? Are you ready to join?

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.:: Featured Story ::.

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.:: Fleet News ::.

.:: Site Status ::.

  • Some graphics has been added but for the most part the site is still offline as we continue rebuilding our site, and rebooting our fleet.
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