Fleet Rules & Regulations

The Federation Elite Force respects every individual rather they are young or old, new or pro. The whole point of of this is to allow our members to meet people, be creative and enjoy themselves. We do not discriminate. We expect everyone to do the same.

Code of Conduct

1. All members must act with respect towards others and towards our guests on the forum and in game at all times.

2. Comments attacking a person’s race, religion, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

3. Members must always act in a manner becoming of a Federation Elite Force officer, by not engaging in any activity that could reflect negatively upon the group.

4. The impersonation of other members is strictly prohibited.

5. The above rules apply to our chatrooms and servers, as well as on the chatrooms and servers of other groups.

6. Programs and services provided solely to FEF members may not be redistributed to non-members without recieving prior permission from the Fleet Commanding Officer. This includes maps, models, executables, and all other forms of content that may be deemed restricted.

7. Any action that does not technically violate the rules, but is judged to be malicious or inappropriate by Internal Affairs, may result in punishment.

8. The Federation Elite Force is an English speaking community. In order to be able to fully participate in our activities and our community, members need to be able to communicate fluently, or near-fluently, in written English.

Membership, Leave of absense, and applications.

1. All staff officers are expected to stay active on Discord. The Staff reserves the right to remove inactive members from leadership positions if they do not visit Discord Server or email at least once a week. The only one who can not be removed is the Fleet Commanding Officer.

2. Members who will be inactive for more than one week should post a leave of absence in our discord, or email the Fleet Commanding Officer.

3. During a leave of absence, a staff officer should transfer his/her power to his immediate subordinate, or if there is no immediate subordinate, he/she should appoint someone to fill his position until he returns with the approval of the Fleet Commanding Oficer. Such transfer of power is highly recommended for all LoAs, but is only required for those lasting for more than one week.

4. Those wishing to join FEF should fill out the proper apps expressing their intention to join. Upon approval, that person will be given member permissions.

5. If a person’s application to join is rejected, that person may re-apply 1 month after the date of their original application.


More information to come in requards to our rules and regulations.

Member of the month

When a member is selected to be the member of the month it is usually because he or she has went above or beyond for the fleet, or for his or her sim, provided a good story, graphic, and or has contributed to the fleet in some fashion. This member character name will be displayed, what he or she has contributed. Also the member will recieve a special award that will be displayed in his or her profile in the service record. This is a great honor for the member.

Sim of the Month

When a specific sim is chosen to be sim of the month it is because that particular sim has a really good story going on, and most if not all of it's members are participated in creating the story. When a sim is chosen sim of the month, The CO recieves a special award given by the fleet to diplay on his or her sim's website, and all member will also recieve a special award as well. Also the story will be collected and displayed for all to read.

Available Sims

When a sim becomes available it will be listed here. It will include the ship image, commanding officer's name, and the sim's website. Once it is listed you can either join it here, or go to it's website.