About Us

In the year 1997 the Federation Elite Force was born. It served as a gaming clan for Star Trek related games where members not only competed against each other but other clans as well. However over the years a majority of those clans disappeared or disbanned and for a time so did we. However since the newer releases of Star Trek Tv Shows, and movie, and Star Trek Online, the Star Trek Community is making a comeback. With that being said, the Federation Elite Force is proud to be a part of the Star Trek Gaming, Story writing, and gaming communities and we welcome everyone to come show off their creativity rather if its in writing, creating graphics, to roleplaying. All are welcome as we begin our new adventures!

Member of the month

When a member is selected to be the member of the month it is usually because he or she has went above or beyond for the fleet, or for his or her sim, provided a good story, graphic, and or has contributed to the fleet in some fashion. This member character name will be displayed, what he or she has contributed. Also the member will recieve a special award that will be displayed in his or her profile in the service record. This is a great honor for the member.

Sim of the Month

When a specific sim is chosen to be sim of the month it is because that particular sim has a really good story going on, and most if not all of it's members are participated in creating the story. When a sim is chosen sim of the month, The CO recieves a special award given by the fleet to diplay on his or her sim's website, and all member will also recieve a special award as well. Also the story will be collected and displayed for all to read.

Available Sims

When a sim becomes available it will be listed here. It will include the ship image, commanding officer's name, and the sim's website. Once it is listed you can either join it here, or go to it's website.